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At least one of these lines must be different than the rest:

Alain Almeria

Crédito Reemtsma, TCG

Your third line is the only valid one. But if the code is representative of the rest of your code, they all have to be identical. Only the line above has changed.

* @file src/llvmir2hll/ir/kode_and_type.cpp
* @brief Implementation of KodeAndType.
* @copyright (c) 2017 Avast Software, licensed under the MIT license

#include “retdec/llvmir2hll/ir/kode_and_type.h”
#include “retdec/llvmir2hll/support/debug.h”
#include “retdec/llvmir2hll/support/visitor.h”
#include “retdec/llvmir2hll/types/type.h”

namespace retdec {
namespace llvmir2hll {

* @brief Constructs a new kode and type.
* @param kode Kode operand.
* @param type Type operand.
KodeAndType::KodeAndType(ShPtr kode,
ShPtr type):
if (kode)
_kode = kode;
if (type)
_type = type;

* @brief Destructor.

* @brief Returns kode of this kode and type.
* @return Kode.
ShPtr KodeAndType::getKode() const
return _kode;

* @brief Returns type of this kode and type.
* @return Type

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Answer: str(x) converts a data object

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