Simple Student Card Full Crackl NEW!

Simple Student Card Full Crackl NEW!


Simple Student Card Full Crackl

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Meeting Caterers Reaches New Heights at SIU
More than 300 people attended the Thunderbird Student Council Meeting on Oct. 21, which featured a generous offer from the Thunderbird Catering Committee in hopes of meeting the increased demand for a summer food catering services.
Prices, hours and numerous other details pertaining to the offer are posted on the catering committee’s website The service is divided between lunch and dinner, and prices range from $8 to $10, with some meals including dessert.
“It seems like summer catering season is going to be bigger than last summer,” said Connie Goodman, Thunderbird catering committee president.
Adding to the demand was an increase in dining hall meals, which resulted in a drop in both the number of meals served and the number of students served by cafeteria workers.
“It’s a good situation all the way around,” Goodman said.
The offer is for Thunderbird students only, but in the weeks before the meeting, other universities reported that others were asking to use the service.
The Thunderbird catering committee has received positive feedback from students and their guests who have used the service in the past, said Kevin Sinoff, Thunderbird’s director of housing and dining services.
“It’s as good as it gets” for dining, “and I’m very grateful for that,” said Catherine Van Hoeven, a student in Thunderbird’s Experimental College.
“We are trying to keep things as simple as possible for students,” Van Hoeven said. “I can’t think of a better way to do it.”
The guests of the catering committee members during the meeting were asked to write down their suggestions for the service. Some of the most popular requests were more chicken and beef lasagnas, more salads, including more vegetarian options, variety of desserts and a move to a buffet setup for large events.
“We are trying to fill every slot we can,” Goodman said, adding that during the session, they noted that the meal plan hasn’t included a lot of vegetable options.
“Our last meal plan was a very heavy meat protein meal, so we’re trying to get away from that,” she said.
According to marketing and branding specialist Jennifer Brodeur, the catering committee decided to go public with the offer to try to entice students to use the service.
“We felt like we had a good product, and we wanted to give it to people,” she said. “We’d love

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