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– OVER 60 HOURS OF STORY-DRIVEN ACTIVE RPG FUN. – Take on the role of Vaya, a Solo Nobrean who uses her unique gifts to resolve deadly situations through confrontation and subterfuge. – Over 20 levels full of new dangers and new ways to fight back. – A brand new 3rd Edition of this isometric action game full of brutal combat, exciting gameplay, and visual stylings
About Vaya
Vaya is a skilled and independent Solo Nobrean. She can get through things as they come, but she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. She has a dark and powerful past, and she’s not going to make a habit of waking up to it.
About YOU
– You’ll create a unique character with their own skills, stats, and personality. – You’ll be able to select a name and gender, and decide how you want to look in game. – Make your character more powerful as you play the game and upgrade your gear. – You’ll be able to choose from an arsenal of over 30 different weapons, each with unique features.
An in-depth world with a non-linear approach to gameplay is a very important part of the experience, and it’s why the world of BRIGADOR KILLERS is so rich and dynamic.
VOYEURISTICS: Mature fantasy games and a diverse cast of exotic characters are just a couple of the features that make BRIGADOR KILLERS a unique experience.
STORY: Among the mysterious and empty spaces of space, a lone member of a secret team of Solo Nobreans stumbles across something they shouldn’t have: the remains of their comrades murdered on a primitive planet. With their one-time mission now compromised, they stumble into a labor camp and find their allies in danger.
BRIGADOR KILLERS is a free-to-play browser-based isometric shooter/RPG hybrid game. It’s the result of countless hours of research and development; you can download it here: (All scenes and text are taken from the game itself, including the credits.)

Harts Of The Winter – Brigador Killers – The Bomb Is Loaded – Interactive.hack//Sign Movie – Harts Of The Winter
Harts Of The Winter – Brigador Killers – The Bomb Is Loaded
Take a new journey as you awaken from


Features Key:

  • Play the original orchestral soundtrack
  • Access the official and exclusive stage performances
  • Play songs from past and current hits in the Japanese music scene
  • Listen to all original compositions performed by renowned ensembles from Japan
  • Read detailed credits
  • Purchase the album theme and show off your album cover
  • Product Description

    • Play Orchestral Score featuring familiar and energetic performances from renowned ensembles and soloists
    • Stream the soundtrack while playing the game to challenge yourself when competing to beat the leaderboards
    • Acquire tracks from 3 Million copies sold
    • Purchase the CD theme and display your album cover before others
    • Customize and change the background song and mood lighting with the scene editor feature
    • Get inside the game to uncover the true country and life of Japan, with the customizable options to play the original soundtrack and feel the Japan of the 60s
    • Play in PS4, Switch, Android, and iOS mobile modes on your smartphone

    Release Date

    • October 31st, 2019


    • PS4
    • Switch
    • Android
    • iOS

    First-Person Shooter

    System Requirements

    • CPU: 1.8 GHz ARMv7 dual-core processor or faster
      RAM (RAM): 2GB RAM
      Other: Storage space for 300 MB of data in your library and installation of the game to your PS4 system

      Graphics Memory: 1GB

      Japanese Language Input: Support for Japanese or English only

      • Input Method: Japanese

        ※ Field of view can be adjusted in game (near or


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        Block N Load is a neat and easy action hit that combines the thrill of base-building with the challenge of tower defence. You control a fleet of armoured vehicles and hold your base and towers free from the enemy’s siege. Perfectly balanced for a one- to two-hour blast of killing fun.
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        Users will have the option of either making their own map and and choosing their own difficulty settings, or users can choose from five pre-made maps and selected difficulty settings for both Beginner and Expert modes.At the moment, three maps are available for the Beginner difficulty:0-07: Extemporaneous 2.082-19: Basic 2.083-27: Eroding 2.086-32: Desolate 2.087-39: Forgotten 2.088-46: Tectonic 2.091-53: Tsunami 2.092-60: Avalanche2-7: Parabolic 2.084-24: Preparation 2.085-32: Stadium 2.086-40: Surrounded 2.087-49: Misplaced 2.088-57: Patchwork 2.089-65: Verified 2.091-72: Triumphant 2.092-80: Ocean 2.093-89: Emancipation 2.094-98: Reflector 2.095-107: Resonance 2.096-116: Dream 2.097-125: Salvation 2.098-132: Heroic 2.099-140: Crestfallen 2.100-149: Grandiosity 2.101-158: Elegy 2.102-167: Completeness 2.103-176: Goodwill 2.104-185: Immortal 2.105-194: Spirit 2.106-203: Shade 2.107-212: Tranquility 2.108-221: Usher 2.109-230: Hallowed 2.110-239: Revelation 2.111-248: Elixir 2.112-257: Call 2.113-266: Bard 2.114-275: Scythe 2.115-284: Alpha 2.116-293: Gamma 2.117-312: Event 2.118-331: Primogen 2.119-340: Echo 2.120-349: Resolve 2.121-358: Instinct 2.122-367: Strike 2.123-376: Cavalier 2.124-385: Aquatic 2.125-394: Cosmos 2.126-403: Invasion 2.127-412: Ocean Sea 2.128-421: Reverie 2.129-430


        What’s new:

        All images property of Deep Sky Design, used with kind permission. Code preview by ThunderSundance.


        Writing Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade
        was not the straightforward process it sounds. I had a desire to write about and create a journey that would have interest for those of you playing Chronicles of Elyria, yet I found the bigger meaning to be about our future.

        I have always been an explorer of maps, building those that I create and those that I use in customer projects. This is actually where the desire for something about our future came from. So I used the idea of a gift to the community of a trip to our least known corners: The holes between the stars and the organized gathering of these places. Imagine, if you will, being able to visit and explore the locations of our ancestors that we never knew existed. It sounds intriguing. I hope it does.

        Where to Begin?

        Leviathan: The Last Day of the Decade begins with the near-death experience and rebirth of our daughter. I wrote the ending from that point, rather than pulling pieces from the last season of the show. I felt it was most needed to be the primary story of this game and focused on one of the many great characters and not just one.

        Not long after living in the Leased Planet, we found the need to get back to the home we had made for ourselves. A place with a strong foundation of safety and peace. This is where we started our journey to the deep space peripheries.

        Ultimately, however, after researching and taking a week off, we returned our daughter to her childhood home, where we found she was well. She had grown up and had a great time. Although we still needed to expand the family, we certainly made a decision to allow the returning Leased Planet to be a part of that expansion.

        We are now well settled and enjoying our new family. It’s not a perfect time to make such a big jump into our future, but the thrill of exploration is beginning to rear its head.

        Research and Production


        My research included reviews of deep space travel and visits to our future, as well as checking a map for a journey I could travel to. Like I mentioned earlier, I wanted to write something that had a lasting impression on you.

        I think the future is a special time, with the sources of when, and


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        Become a creative and open-ended urban explorer of a fully customizable future city. Piece together your narrative just like you would a puzzle, just don’t forget about the flying jetpacks.
        Best-in-class story and character writing designed to be played on the go.
        Visceral visual novel gameplay meets futuristic city design.
        An original quest system with endless replayability!
        Full voice acting and original music
        5 branching paths to follow and 9 different endings. Some of them impossible to see from the start!

        About This Game:
        In this original-feeling, darkly humorous glimpse into the future, you’ll join one of a few living humans still able to roam the streets of the city, only to see the recent and permanent end of their family and people they’ve known for their entire lives. It’s a unique and fascinating RPG where every choice matters!

        Key Features:
        – Visceral and original storytelling with multiple paths, branching stories and unique adventures.
        – Hours of unique content – five branches and nine endings!
        – Intuitive and humorous character development system including 150 active endings.
        – New fully voiced characters!
        – Fend off enemy encounters with a rich arsenal of special weapons and tools.
        – Innovative quest system that will keep you turning pages even after hours of gameplay!
        – Beautiful hand-drawn character designs and more than 60 beautifully drawn locations!
        – Deconstruct your world and navigate through an ever-changing city with your jetpack.
        – An original and creative visual design with great attention to detail!

        About This Game:
        “What is the RE-amplification?”
        Nomad is an innovative, interactive story that puts the player in the shoes of Aisa Marika, a girl who is trying to escape from the life she knows.
        You play as this aspiring singer who starts to daydream about the possibility of a life in a big city. Being the protagonist of this story, you’ll roam through three different cities that change dynamically as you play the game.
        In this city, the only thing that’s true is that you’re going to die. Aisa is the only one who knows the secret about the fate of the world – the secret to re-amplify the RE-impulse. The RE-impulse will amplify every energy: the physical, the emotional, the political, the spiritual and the scientific. Everything can be re-amplified


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