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Defining Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most popular image manipulation tools in the industry.

What makes Photoshop different from other similar tools is that it’s an image editing tool and a layout editor. It’s a layer-based editing system.

A lot of image editing programs have editors that can be used to create layers. But they don’t provide a layout editor that can combine separate elements into a comprehensive layout.

Any image editing program can be used to edit a photograph, but Photoshop is the most common because it’s been the industry standard for many years.

In addition to layering an image with multiple edits, the Layer panel can be used to manipulate a finished image. You can duplicate layers, move, resize and delete layers.

You can arrange the order of the layers, and you can use the Recoloration panel to change the background color of the selected layer.

The Crop tool can be used to crop the image or to add a background. You can move the selected image, or resize it by using the various tools available.

You can also change the canvas size and use multiple options from the Image menu to change the way the image is displayed.

Some other popular image editing tools on the market include Adobe’s PhotoShop Elements, Photoshop Elements, and GIMP. These all can be used for image editing, but are mainly intended for the novice user. In addition to their layout editing tools, each also offers in-depth tutorials and support.

Adobe’s tutorials

Photoshop provides a tutorial system that enables a user to edit an image step by step, working their way to the finished image. The tutorials are split into topics and organized according to the different feature sets that are available.

The tutorials are broken down by skills to create an image. These include topics such as adding basic functionality to a document, retouching, and colorizing images.

The offline manual tutorial provides a comprehensive guide to using Photoshop. The guide provides a tutorial on how to use the different tools and functions.

Adobe users have reported a number of bugs and issues within the product over the years.

The release of Photoshop Elements in 2008 saw a new version of the product launching with the same issues that had plagued its predecessor. Some people have suggested that these bugs may continue to be an issue in the future as Adobe focuses more on the release of Photoshop instead of introducing new features.


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The most popular image editing applications can be summarized as:

Reasons to use Photoshop:

You are a Photoshop or graphic designer.

You already have a long history of editing your images in Photoshop and it’s the same app you use to edit everything else.

You are a web designer or developer with your own domain and the ability to control it.

Reasons to use Photoshop Elements:

You prefer the simplicity of the application and are less familiar with the features of Photoshop.

You don’t have access to Photoshop.

You are not a Photoshop or graphic designer and already have Photoshop.

How to make any photo look cool:

The order of the steps is what you learn by going through them, but the order should work for most images you’ll try.

Step 1: Adjusting the Colors

The adjustment sliders are for basic color adjustments. These affect the overall color of the image and do not give fine-grained control over colors.

To edit the colors, you can open the “Edit” menu (press the spacebar to open the menu) and select “Adjustments” > “Hue/Saturation” or press Ctrl+ U.

Screenshot from Adobe website

Click on the “Hue/Saturation” tab.

Step 2: The Histogram:

The histogram helps you to view the distribution of light and dark tones in an image. The histogram shows the distribution of tones in an image. It can be used to determine overall color information (example: purple clouds) and to ensure that a photo contains only tones and not too many highlights or shadows (example: the desert sand).

Hit the green arrow to open the histogram (it will help to arrange the histogram to suit you).

The arrows in the histogram are the scale. The orange circles at the end of each arrow is the 0% and 100% levels of tones.

Green arrow with 0 and 100% levels.

Step 3: Selecting a Region:

Often, you only want to work with a region (area) of the image. You can select a region by clicking on it.

Once you’ve clicked to select the area of interest, Photoshop will generate a selection mask on the layer you’re editing.

Important: You must avoid using

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Amateur wins
1987 Swedish Junior

Professional wins

European Tour wins (10)

European Tour playoff record (1–0)

Asia Golf Circuit wins (1)
1993 Tagaytay Open

Team appearances
Walker Cup (representing Europe): 1987
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World Cup (representing Sweden): 1995


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