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Payment Speed = INSTANT

Zelle payments are very fast and secure! Log into your checking account, and find the Zelle payment option. If your bank does not have Zelle, you may download the Zelle app on your phone, and link your debit card to it. Credit Cards will not work. 95% of banks in the United States have Zelle.

To pay via Zelle:

  1. Email (orders@JWBotanicals.com) or fax us your desired order to 702-997-0866, with your full name/Company name, exact shipping address and phone number. We will reply back confirming we have received your message and give you the order $ amount.

Example Fax or Email Exchange For Zelle Order: 

YOU: This is Jane Smith and or company name. PO number if applicable .

 I’d like to place an order. Ph: 702-123-4567, email: JSmith@gmail.com 

Shipping address 202 Go Green Lane suite 108, Las Vegas, NV 89111 

US: Thank you for your business! Please submit payment of $88.00 to: tkcpayments@gmail.com

  1. Send money via Zelle (our information is below).

Zelle Recipient Email: orders@JWBotanicals.com
Zelle Recipient Name (if asked): JW Botanicas

Your order will be marked as “processing” as soon as we confirm payment. You will receive an e-mail receipt as normal and a tracking number once your order ships.

In the memo/notes section in Zelle, please put the e-mail address or phone number you used to initiate your order so we can easily attribute the payment to you. Do not put “KRATOM” or our business name in the notes section please.


Payment Speed = 2-3 business days

We now accept payment in the form of e-checks—a secure way to shop online. Your financial information is safe with this method. To pay via e-check you will need to provide following information:

  • Your Bank Account Number
  • Your Bank’s Routing Number

If you use “hard” (paper) checks, this information is available on any of your checks.

Important E-check Details

  • The billing address used on the checkout form needs to match the billing address associated with your checking account
  • Your order will ship as soon as your e-check payment clears which can take up to 72 business hours so please plan ahead.
  • Your order will be marked as “On Hold” until your e-check payment clears in our account. As soon as it clears, we will mark your order as “Processing” which means that your order will ship out right away.


Payment Speed = INSTANT 

Sometimes we can take debit/credit cards and sometimes we cannot. The card processing solutions that are available to the kratom industry pop up and disappear relatively quickly so this option is not always available at checkout. Please understand this is out of our control and we do the best we can to find and use any viable solutions. We recommend getting comfortable with one of our other payment methods in the event our debit/credit card processor is not working.

Personal Check or Money Order

Payment Speed = As soon as we receive the check/money order.

Please send your personal check or money order to the following address. You may make out the check to “The Kratom Connection”. Please write a note with your name, shipping address, phone number, email address and your desired order and send with the check/money order.

JW Botanicals

3430 Precision Dr

North Las Vegas Nevada 89032

We will process your order as soon as we receive it.