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MagVar is a handy and reliable piece of software that allows you to easily calculate the magnetic variation.

Everyone knows this weather phenomenon. When the morning sun lights up the center of the cloud cover and a huge display of colors develops in the sky, know it to be known as the light show. But what if you were to experience this effect on a day when you weren’t expecting it?

The only way to know for sure is to measure the change in the Earth’s magnetic field using a compass. If you wish to add some entertainment to your day, then see if you can calculate the fields on your compass. The equations needed to do this are shown below:

1)North Magnetic Field

The magnetic field of the Earth is very strong, with 10,000 Nanometers (or A.U.) of magnetic field intensity. The Earth’s magnetic field intensity is extremely hard to calculate, so we will simplify the problem by assuming the Earth’s magnetic field to be a perfect horizontal cylindrical bar magnet.

If the earth has a perfect north and south pole, then the magnetic field across the earth will look like the image above. Notice that the north and south poles are stuck tight together like magnets.

If there is no change in the Earth’s magnetic field, then there is no variation across the Earth’s surface.

Every day, the Magnetic Field polarity changes. The Earth’s magnetic field lines will form a continuous pattern as shown below.

The diagram shows the magnetosphere, the atmosphere above the Earth, and the ionosphere. Notice that the Earth’s magnetic field is not static (or at rest). Instead, the field is flowing, like water, through the atmosphere and into space.

The movement of the Earth’s magnetic field is very slow, so when you look at the Earth’s magnetic field at any given point in time, you will see it as a narrow field of lines circling the Earth in a slight curve.

Thus, the Earth’s magnetic field varies slowly as the Earth turns on its axis. The variation or direction of the Earth’s magnetic field is known as the Earth’s magnetic field Variation or Variation, and it is given to you in degrees.

If you wish to see the variation of the Earth’s magnetic field, you will need to subtract the magnetic field strength in one place from the magnetic field strength in a very nearby place on the Earth.

2)South Magnetic Field

If the Earth’s magnetic field

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MagVar Crack Mac calculates the full Vector by plugging in latitudes and longitudes. It also allows you to input multiple points. The software allows you to input points in degrees or decimals. From here, you can also change the points to equirectangular, or to degrees of latitude and longitude. You also have the ability to specify the origin (center) of the magnetic field in degrees of latitude and longitude.

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All-In-One – Let them Compute – The Best Software by Evian. DivX Flash Player which allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on the PC and then download to any of your portable devices.

All-In-One – Let them Compute – The Best Software by Evian. DivX Flash Player which allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on the PC and then download to any of your portable devices.


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What’s New in the MagVar?

This program can calculate the Earth’s magnetic variation and a course from one point in the world to another without the need for a GPS.
This is very handy if you would like to know where a small airplane is located at any time. You could also use MagVar to compute distances between geographic points to see if your back yard is closer to Washington D.C. than your friend’s back yard.
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