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A complete utility to allow you to create macros for windows OS, including Vista and Windows 7. Key Macro Creator is a very simple and straightforward to use key replacer utility. It works like a dream and is not affected by any of the built in key replacer functions. Unlike other key replacer programs, Key Macro Creator is the complete solution for those who wish to have the best macros possible, whether they are an amateur or professional. If you are a seasoned developer, looking to take your macros to the next level, then you will find Key Macro Creator to be an invaluable tool.
-Easy to use interface.
-Automatically determines if Windows 8 or Windows 7 is being used.
-Is able to handle 32 and 64bit Windows.
-The mouse scroll wheel can be used to quickly jump through the list of Windows user names.
-Windows 7 and Vista style Vista search.
-Copy and paste operations are based on user name and function, rather than on the hotkey of the macro.
-Highlights the part of the text that has been edited.
-It is easy to edit the file and load a new version.
-The output file format is *.mak, which is compatible with Windows versions including Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003 and 98.
-The output file can be compressed to save disk space.
-Only Windows compatible executable files can be used.
-As the key macro creator can create macros with any number of windows, it can be used with a keyboard with any number of buttons and/or with a mouse with any number of scroll wheels.
-The software is 100% compatible with the Windows 7 and Vista style Vista search.
-Compatible with most modern keyboards and keyboards with multiple buttons and keys.
-Compatible with most modern mice and mice with multiple scroll wheels.
-No manual installation required.
-Simple to use.
-The program is fully compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 7.
-It also supports internet Explorer and Internet Explorer for Mac.
-The software is Open Source.
-If you have a suggestion for a feature to be added, feel free to contact us at
What’s new in version 2.0.4:
-Added the ‘Edit/Remove Entry’ menu option.
-Added the ‘Load Macro Files’ menu option.
-Made it possible to save macros as XML files 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a visual macro editor for PC.
With KEYMACRO you can create programmable keyboard macros,
which you can run at any time to get the same result on any
keystroke combination.
KEYMACRO offers the possibility to create the macro with text, numbers, dates and even with images, so the program can be used for automation of almost any aspect of your PC.
Key features:
Keystroke recorder
Single keystroke recorder
Multi keystroke recorder
Single keystroke recorder
Multi keystroke recorder
Single keystroke recorder
Multi keystroke recorder
Single keystroke recorder
Multi keystroke recorder
Keystroke recording
Numeric fields
Keystroke programming
Run Macro when File Opened
Keystroke selection
Keystroke recording
Number selection
Date selection
Run Macro when File Closed
Keystroke recording
Keystroke programming
Run Macro when file close
It takes just a few minutes to create a basic macro using this macro editor. And once you’ve created a macro you can run it anytime.

Mac OS X 10.11.1:
When you open the editor it’s impossible to close the window because when you press “close” on the title bar it crashes. All the buttons at the top (close, delete, back) work fine and the Mac is running fine, so it’s definitely a Mac problem.

Windows 10:
I have no problems with this program, but it’s crashing when you press “Run” on the top right of the window. The clock shows the program crash time, so it’s definitely a bug in the app.

Keymacro has many features. Here are a few.
– Windows and Mac
– Mac only: Add button images
– Mac only: Add macros to a toolbar
– Mac only: Assign a keyboard shortcut to the toolbar button
– Create, Edit and Run macros
– Cut, paste, add text/images
– Fuzzy keyboard (only mac)
– Lots more

Please read the rules and always check the description before buying any software.

“Hi there,
Just a quick review: I think it’s a great program but I only like it if I have the standard keyboard.

But when I try it on my other keyboard, it’s a disaster.

There are so many misspelled or non existing words and it’s almost impossible to correct them. This is not an English program. There are so many

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