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Download/Unpack/Install the program.
Run the program, follow the instructions.


Web Listing Monitor v2.5.4
1. Introduction
Version 2.5.4 is a major upgrade to the already highly rated Web Listing Monitor (WLM) program.
Version 2.5.4 was released recently in mid-July 2005.
Version 2.5.4 is released at deadwifi.com which is a website created to provide free access to network-related programs.
Version 2.5.4 is also tested for the Palm OS platform and can work with most versions of Palm Desktop, Version 3.3.0 or later.
Version 2.5.4 is recommended for the Palm OS platform and should work with many other Palm OS devices.
A few key features added to Version 2.5.4:
*Fully-featured help system.
*New Software Logs (show status of installed software).
*Improved Driver Management.
*Add-on software programs for installation.
*New: ‘Software Listing’ tab in the main interface.
*New: Module Manager.
*New: Auto-detection of driver versions.
*New: Installation Wizard.
*New: Changes in New Versions tab.
*The ‘Help’ tab now lists all the help topics on the site.
*Various bugs fixed.
*Improved stability.
*Improved robustness.
*Various other bug fixes.
2. Installation

Download the installer for your particular PC.
You will be required to unzip the downloaded file and follow the instructions.
Depending on your installation, you may be presented with two installation options:
*Windows Installer (.msi)
*Palm OS Installer (.pbo)
3. About Web Listing Monitor
The Web Listing Monitor (WLM) is a free utility which can be used to monitor listings in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.
The program can be used to quickly find out what listings are currently active, if any, by using the various URL filters and search criteria available.
You can also use it to compare your rankings d82f892c90

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