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Elevayta Extra Boy Pro 5.02 25

extra boy is compatible with windows xp, vista, 7, 8 and 10. it is also a universal binary, which means that it will run on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of windows. it is not compatible with mac osx.

extra boy works on the basis of spectral and spatial audio signal processing. the spectral-spatial processing algorithms involve a different set of audio processing functions than those available with the standard mono-processing vocal remover module of elevayta.

if you are a registered elevayta user then you can download a demo from the elevayta site and see if it suits your needs. if you are not registered then you must first download the elevayta program before you can download a demo.

i am a bit frustrated with the demo of the elevayta extra boy. the vocals are difficult to separate and is very quiet in the beginning, then when i do finally get it working it is not quiet at all. the vocals are too quiet and you cannot tell if the engineer is singing or has a hiss, and you cannot tell if you have a vocal or instrumental track.

i think this is the only program which requires to be installed into a separate program. i wish i had purchased the whole package. this can be accomplished by downloading the music and the vocal tracks separately and then using a software called audacity. this program is free. i am satisfied with the demo and would purchase the package when i have my song ready to go. the demo works fine and i think i will purchase the full version. i would like to have the elevayta extra boy free as a demo for others to use and purchase as well.

Extra Boy Pro (name derived from ‘Extract’) is a tool that can be used to isolate, remove, suppress or enhance ANY part of a stereo audio track! Extra Boy Pro operates in real-time and is not restricted to vocal processing only. Extra Boy Pro incorporates a unique 2D Spectral-Spatial editing mode by which individual instruments, having been visually identified by their Spectral-Spatial graphical signature, can simply be deleted from the mix! Alternatively, an instrument that needs a boost can be boosted by simply drawing a Region of Interest (ROI) around its Spectral-Spatial signature and increasing the gain in that part of the mix. Multiple ROIs can be drawn and deleted independently. This provides the capability to delete, isolate or boost multiple instruments. A scrolling Spectrograph mode provides a further powerful diagnostic tool by which to visually identify individual instruments and edit their audio properties.
Extra Boy is designed primarily for removing vocals from stereo audio files. However, the versatility available may lend itself to other uses as this is no ordinary vocal remover. Extra Boy incorporates two completely different algorithms for vocal removal – choose whichever suits your material best or combine both.
To view more information about this program, click on the About item in the Help menu and select About Elevayta. The Elevayta Extra Boy Pro – User’s Guide can be found in the Help menu as well, or by clicking the Help button on the toolbar.
It also has a user configurable startup mode and latency which is determined by the maximum desired quality of the audio. Elevayta Extra Boy Pro VST plug-in can be used by music editors, sound mixers and many other professionals.