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Are there SAT-Solvers?

The best SAT Solver I know about is boost.sparse.sat,
and for unsat, boost.sparse.quad.
Are there there any SAT Solvers for SLL-Solver available?
Also a standalone SLL-Solver is welcome.
I remember that one from a technical report and I saw it in a
Technical Report Conference in 1997:

[…] in the near future, I will
start to work in the area of SAT Solvers. A
solver is a good tool for the study of
unbounded domains.


Unfortunately not. If you are looking for an SLL solver which can be used for “rational” formulae, rSAT is your best bet. It is implemented in C++ and comes with a GUI interface.


Take a look at the paper SAT is NP-complete by Nadel & Pichler.
In section 5.2 they describe a system they refer to as Rational SAT.
The authors mention that there is some work on a SAT solver, that is,
SAT solvers are NP-complete, and are unlikely to find a solution in less than exponential time.
The authors however offer an algorithm, and say that their tool produces the sought solution in under a second.


I think there are two possibilities.
A first possibility is to use some existing solver of one of the many SAT solvers, SATLIB, PyCoffee, etc., which already do this kind of work, but which are proprietary and are only available from the vendor. Note, this is not an advance over the others, but at least it is completely interoperable with the other solvers.
Then the second possibility is to do what SATLIB-Pro does : prove the non satisfiability of a formula with