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Cosmic Manuscript Dallas Thompson Pdf 158

it sounded unlikely. there were just too many coincidences. nevertheless, further digging uncovered the original local newspaper cutting that reported thompsons car crash. it named him as steven thompson and revealed that he was 26 when the accident happened in 1997. but the biography of the dallas w thompson that wm mott had accused of plagiarism had said he was born in 1944, a significant difference. indeed, the photograph on his website shows a man who appears to be in his 60s.

in december 2002, two months after his radio appearance, he posted a message on his yahoo group page describing an inundation of over 5,600 emails every few days. he said his book, cosmic manuscript, had become a bestseller but he was pulling it from sale. i have requested the book be discontinued even though its still at the top of the charts in canada, he wrote.

on december 29, 2002, two months after his appearance on coast to coast am, he wrote a message on his yahoo group reporting a wave of over 5000 emails every couple of days. the mysterious part starts when dallas thompson announced that his book cosmic manuscript, had become a bestseller but he was also pulling it from sale.

at the time of the crash, he had been employed by the canada post and working on a series of promotional folders with the tagline cosmic manuscript, which were sent to all canadians with a key to a secret message hidden inside. each folder contained a copy of the core manuscript, as well as instructions on how to find a new, higher meaning in every aspect of life. once you find this, he wrote, you can go on to discover the other seven cosmic manuscripts, which would help you to win at gambling, find love, write a bestselling book and avoid the fatal disease aids. the folder also contained a letter which he said would help his mission to reach the north pole. the letter, which he addressed to the prime minister, began: my friend, i know your staff has examined this letter, but i want you to know that its genuine and there are very important reasons why i am writing to you in this way.

People may well have thought that time travel was possible, or that giant space people were visiting us on occasion. Anyhow, this did not make it impossible to believe that there was some kind of reality to the Hollow Earth. No one said they had been to the Hollow Earth, but there was some contact. However, these things might not be what Cosmic Manuscript says they are.
Cosmic Manuscript is not about using your imagination to accept these ideas. It is about using your imagination to probe these ideas, to examine them and see if they are more or less solid than they seem. This is because Mr. Jones has his own agenda. He thinks this new frontier is all bunkum, isnt ready for prime time. He says that theres no such place, and he doesnt think its the idea of a habitable, inner hollow Earth that makes this a believable possibility. ( In fact, its the idea of such a huge outer hollow earth that makes this a believable possibility.)
Although the Oakland fire department concluded the crash was an accident, it said in an FBI report that there was a possibility the car had been tampered with. It said it had no evidence to indicate Thompson was involved in illegal activities. No one was charged with any offence, although one woman was arrested for failure to yield. In the months after the crash, Thompson continued to be portrayed as a mad scientist. Newsweek magazine published an article that contained much of the same hoax material that Hildegards publisher had re-sold to WM Mott. All that was missing was the glaring case of the proven invention of Mott.
Perhaps all along Mott wanted to have a go at Thompson, who was certainly a controversial figure and who had probably provoked Mott by pointing out the similarities in the use of Thompson as a platform for peddling all sorts of scams. No doubt Mott wanted to get away with it, so he contacted one of Thompson’s first publishers, and turned it all into a money-making business. Mott sold a proof copy of Hildegards book, with an introduction by his friend and flat mate, Howard Van Valkenburgh. The premise of the book was absurdly simple. The earth is flat, and is much smaller than previously imagined, and millions of people live in tunnels all over the globe, and the brainwaves of all people are transmitted by a radio-whip around the planet, and holograms can be produced at will, and there are many inhabited islands around the world. It was an almost exact copy of Thompson’s own book.