Chrome Shelled Regios Episode 1 English Dub ^HOT^

Chrome Shelled Regios Episode 1 English Dub ^HOT^

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Chrome Shelled Regios Episode 1 English Dub

These workgirls were literally not allowed to have any jobs. I have no idea where the hostess is from, but it’s just a waste of screen time. One thing she does do is intimidate a group of alcohol drinking men. Saya is a great character I love how she pulls off the con. Her group of friends were also taken over by the evil things lurking in their own hearts. This was also one of the most well made episodes I have seen so far. The character designs, animation, music and sound were all topnotch.

The Student Council President was the coolest character in the show. As a regios, you get to learn your own special skills and Ninas revelation makes her extremely powerful in combat. Like most regios, she has a separate mobile city in which the students go to to learn their own skill at the Regios Academy. But while on her way to a training practice session, Karian and her entourage become confused by a flock of bizarre mutant dragons.

Three of the group are female and the rest male. Naruki is young, but is already a very evil regios. Felli, on the other hand, is very young and gets super saiyaned when she uses her powers. She is determined to save Karian. Mayshen is currently studying at the Academy, but is quite cunning when it comes to magic. Mifi is also highly experienced in magic and has various weapons at her disposal. Layfon is our hero. He is searching for his sister, Maya, who was kidnapped by Karian’s gang of underachieving classmates. Karian notices his talent as Layfon heals Mifi’s arm. The regios group arrives at the lake, but before they can cast the spell, they are chased by Limbeekoon. The fight starts when the girls arrive, but suddenly things start to change as Mifi gains new magical powers.