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New Star Manager is a universal football simulation: realistic on-field gameplay on any platform, full squad control and management, stadium ownership and more. New Star Manager marries the fun of real-time team sports with the management and strategic depth of classic sports games.

“It’s a delightfully accessible football game that blurs the line between strategy and action…like few titles before, New Star Manager has the chance to revolutionise football management as a truly great sim” The Guardian

With over 40 clubs in the world’s toughest leagues and cup competitions, New Star Manager goes all-out with the biggest clubs, leagues and cup competitions with seamless international play, all-new tutorials, and an unparalleled depth of features.

• Over 40 clubs from the world’s biggest football leagues and cup competitions including: Barclays Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Ligue 2, English Football League Championship, Scottish Premier League, Australian A League, New Zealand NSL, Süper Lig and many more
• Extensive player scouting and player management
• Complete squad management
• Realistic game systems such as tactics, team talks and off-the-ball interactions
• National league, cup and European playoffs
• Complete world-class management features including training tactics, goalkeeping training, squad rotation, player transfer, salary cap, recruitment, transfer, sponsor, stadium design, player ratings and more
• Full-featured stadiums including: 3D player models, crowd simulation, stadium design, graphics improvements, sponsor graphics and more
• Season Timetable management with playing, off season and transfer season
• FIFA 11 inspired game engine

The first New Star Manager was released in 2004. Since then there have been further titles and the most recent is New Star Manager: The Evolution.

New Star Manager was one of IGN’s best soccer games of the year.


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Bumpstick Features Key:

  • Play original Pitiri titles from the Indonesian company Rezolukion.
  • The title Pitiri 1976 is included.
  • The graphics of the game includes Pitiri 1977 has been
    similarly improved
  • Optimized graphics and added graphical effects to the game.
  • Excellent sounds and Music.
  • Several specialized modes in the game.


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Don’t have any idea about the martial arts you should use against invaders?
Is he using 3 forms of attacks or the secret art he was using to defeat his enemy?
Is she a bad fighter who knows nothing about martial arts?
Did she turn the fight in this certain way to keep him and other 3 other fighters busy?
Or she is a brilliant fighter that knows many ways to kill enemies?
You will find out at the end of this game

Chin Xun had a happy life with his wife Shen Xun.
One day, a man named Chen Xun, who was a descendant of Chen Zilong, came to the family of Chin Xun.
He claimed that he is the most powerful martial arts master from a famous family in the area.
However, the people living in the area were wary about him.
They had heard about the insane fight between Xun Hong and Liu Cheng, the two martial arts masters from the past.
They could not believe that such strong people would fight each other.
After hearing this, Chen Xun came to the house of Chin Xun to make a contract with him.
He said that Chen Xun can lead an army to invade Shang Yue and they want to fight with Liu Cheng’s army.
Chin Xun, who was a very kind man, accepted the offer and promised to support Chen Xun’s plan.
After the contract was made, Chen Xun and his 3 disciples who were to fight with Liu Cheng’s army went back to their base and wiped out the army.
Chin Xun had caused a great sacrifice and earned the respect of his son, son-in-law and father.
Now, he started to take care of his family and really live a happy life with his wife.

Powered by the Unreal Engine 3.0, Papertiger Studio has successfully created a stunning visual experience in a fantasy world with a steampunk theme, as well as various interesting scenarios that connect with each other.

The game features 8 character classes, each of them has a unique style of attacks and a different fighting way.
During each combat, you can parry and dodge to avoid, and counterattack to attack your enemy.

8 different types of weapons from simple wooden sword to advanced weapons, each of them has a unique fighting style.
It’s really fun to combine these different weapons, and you can switch and combine them for better combos


Bumpstick With Product Key [Latest] 2022

Bonus Multiverse ~ Added difficulty settings
Gameplay Nociception ~ Feature Showdown:
Bread and Nociception:
Bonus Multiverse ~ Rune Mines:
DLC Balance & Rebalancing:
6 New Abilities! – “Haste”/”Speed”/”Charge”/”Dash”, “Spring Jump”, “Flicker Jump”, “Sleep”.
5 New Weapon & Prop combos! – The Crazed Axe with the Magmahand, the Tank’s Claw with the Molotov, the Scissors with the Flare Gun, The Double Blades with the Dual Barrel Carbine, The Wicked Knife with the Nunchaku and much more!
New 5 Unique Mods for Weapons and Guns! – All new game mechanics and gameplay features created by the community.
Overhauled Stamina System! – We spent a lot of time making sure this gets balanced! This system is NOT the one we were using before (sorry for the disappointment).
Extended Stinger Scenario Map! – Smaller maps with lots of Stinger Candidates inside.
Reworked Credits System! – We noticed that the previous way of introducing players was way too long. Now you can have your 3rd Card up to any moment you want!
High-Res Quality World! – No more anti-aliasing. The Graphics are finally looking better!
Refined Weapon Abilities, Abilities List, New Maps, New Combat Mechanics, New Stuff, New Triggers, New Stages, New Weapons, New Modes… lots and lots of new stuff.
New Map Titles! – The map “Pharmacy” is now called “Weapon Shop”! New Map “Factory” renamed to “Parts Shop”! New Map “Fight Arena” renamed to “Period Room”! New Map “Post Office” now renamed to “Stored Mail”! All old map titles are still available for map collecting!
Weird Stuff!! – Everything you can think of, there is a chance it will be found in one of the new maps.
New All-New Hi-Res Map! – Several new maps have been completely reworked with brand new designs. The new maps are now available for all players. The old maps from the previous version are still available in a separate DLC but they are not playable.
Update News!:
2 new Abilities (Haste, Speed)
Updated Combat Mechanics
New Unique Weapon & Prop Combos
New Credits System
All new Stinger Maps (Flashback, Mirror)


What’s new in Bumpstick: