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Keymacro is an AppleScript-like command-line tool. It supports the most basic of scripting tasks, but is powerful enough to make a user’s life easier.
Keymacro is free, open source software. It is available on GitHub and also distributed via homebrew. It is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.
KEYMACRO is written in Ruby, and supports multiple languages and platforms, including Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows.
Keymacro runs on Unix-based systems, but the source code is available, so you can compile and use it on any platform.
Keymacro Features:
• Advanced Keystroke Recognition.
• Basic Scripting Language.
• Supports AppleScript.
• Supports bash scripts.
• Includes built-in shell commands.
• Pre-configured AppleScripts.
• Script command completion.
• Script command reference.
• Sub-structure support.
• Supports pre-defined keys.
• Supports custom keystrokes.
• History/backup functionality.
• Includes a full set of scripts, many of which can be used as templates for your own scripts.
How to use KEYMACRO:
Start Keymacro.
The default configuration should automatically run in the background. You can also run it manually by double-clicking the executable file.
To load and save scripts, you can use the load command. For example, if you want to open a script in a text editor, you can use the following command:
load “test.scpt”
If you want to re-save the same file, you can use the save command:
If you want to open a specific script, you can use the load command and specify a script name:
load “test_1.scpt”
If you want to use a script only once, you can use the option – once:
load “test.scpt” – once
If you want to use a variable in your script, you can use the option – setenv:
load “test.scpt” – setenv MY_VARIABLE “The value”
Alternatively, you can use the option – ifvar:
load “test.scpt” – ifvar MY_VARIABLE “The value”
If you want to run Keymacro with a 384a16bd22

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While having a Macro key in an iPhone has it own use, it is most of the times a very simple task of “Show Notes” or “Open Email” which quickly becomes a repetitive task after some time. Macros are most of the times meant for those who are daily victims of these two tasks. In this case, if you want to perform “Show Notes”, you hit that button and it will open a notepad in which you can write what you want to say and it will send you to the main screen of Notes with whatever you typed in the notepad. If you want to open “Email”, simply press the button again and it will open Mail app with your email address already filled with the message. Keycaps may not be as perfect as they are on PC keyboards, but they are much better than nothing and they have helped a lot of iPhone users.
MyTake iOS 9 Released:
The Apple Inc. has released a new version of their highly anticipated mobile operating system. The company has announced that iOS 9 will be available to download on Sept. 9, but you can get it to test drive right now. iOS 9 is focused on better integration of third-party apps, faster iOS performance and a new way to view messages.
Citrix Receiver 3.5.0:
Citrix has released Citrix Receiver 3.5.0, an update to their Citrix Receiver software. Citrix Receiver is a free software that lets you access all your company’s desktops from the cloud. Citrix Receiver 3.5.0 fixes a long list of bugs and adds some new features. Citrix Receiver 3.5.0 now includes a biometric user authentication feature that uses fingerprint, face and voice biometrics to protect your devices. There is also a new reporting tool, and a widget to check the estimated battery life. New languages have also been added to the Citrix Receiver, which include Spanish, German and French.
Jellyfin 1.2.7:
Jellyfin is a new Android video streaming app that allows you to watch any type of video online in your Android device. By downloading and installing Jellyfin, you can also record any type of video stream and watch it later without any connection to the internet.
The company has released a new version of their app that fixes a number of bugs and adds a few new features. Jellyfin 1.2.7 comes with new menu categories like movies,

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