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Adobe Illustrator

* Adobe Illustrator is a graphics tool used for creating vector art. Instead of raster images, you use vector paths — lines, curves, and shapes that define art. Each shape has a style that defines its appearance and positioning, such as the size of a line and its thickness. You can apply text styles, such as color, size, and alignment. You can use vector tools, such as the object tools, which enable you to resize, alter, and move objects.

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This article will take you through all Photoshop’s functions and tools to help you learn what it’s like to use Photoshop at its most basic.

Free Plugins & Editors

All Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Lightroom have access to Adobe’s own alternative photo editing software called Photoshop Express.

It’s available on desktop, mobile and web. You can download an image to edit and then share directly to Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites with one click. It’s great for editing and sharing your images quickly.

Every version of Photoshop has the usual range of high-quality photo editing tools including:







Oil Paint



Tone Mapping

Drop Shadow


Lens Corrections


It’s easy to learn and there is a lot of built-in help and tutorials online. There is also a range of free online video tutorials and software training to use.

There are a number of free photo editing and design sites where you can use other people’s images to style or edit your images, and then you can share them with people.

Crop Tool

This tool can be used to remove unwanted parts of an image. It makes this process easier than if you were to crop using Photoshop.

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + 6 (Windows) or CMD + 6 (Mac)


Stretch & Distort

This tool lets you rotate and manipulate the image you are working with. You can transform your image at any angle and scale to control the size of your image.

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + 7 (Windows) or CMD + 7 (Mac)

Draw Tools

If you’re creative, then you’ll be really interested in Photoshop’s ‘draw’ tools. They let you draw lines and shapes in your image. You can even create a path and make it into a vector image. It’s easy to use.

Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + 8 (Windows) or CMD + 8 (Mac)

Selection Tools

The selection tool makes it easy to select areas of your image. You can then apply selection masks to areas of your image.


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The Dodge tool darkens or lightens images depending on the style or color selected. Using Dodge and Burn tools can produce surreal images.

The Gradient tool lets you create rainbow effects and change the gradient hue and value.

The Pen tool lets you create any shape you wish in the image, or sketch whatever you can imagine. The Brush tool is more useful than the Pen tool because it lets you customize and control the brush stroke.

The Scratch tool allows you to apply stickers to images or to create an image that looks like an illustration, like doodles, or simply a picture, depending on the shapes selected.
The History tool is useful for making decisions later on in a project. The History panel shows you every action performed on an image, including any edits made to a layer, crop, selections, or perspective.
The Layer Mask is an important tool for retouching an image. It can be applied to any layer in a document and shows what is visible and what is not. The Layer Mask changes color when a layer is visible and transparent when a layer is hidden.

The Liquify filter lets you free-transform an image with handles and distort the edges and bevel them.
The Smudge tool is a brush for cleaning up a washed-out image. Click the Smudge tool icon and select the Brush or Pen tool to set up the brush you want. Then adjust the flow by the brush size and hardness.
The Retouch tool lets you erase minor flaws in an image. You can use the Eraser tool or choose one of the preset Eraser styles.
The Fractal Filter lets you create any pattern you desire in your image.
The Lens Correction filter can be used to enhance images.
The Dodge and Burn tools can be used to add or subtract light or dark areas.
The Blend Modes can be used to create all sorts of special effects.
The Picture Match and Gradient tools are useful for aligning and matching parts of two images in color or brightness.
The Soft Light filter can produce soft, moody light.
The Levels filter is used for adjusting the overall light or dark of an image.
The Lighting Effects filter is used to create artificial lighting.
The Glamour Glow filter can add a subtle glow to an image.

Photoshop is probably the most complicated software available. Using the most basic commands, you can create an image in about 10 minutes. But many hours are required for a detailed original. Photoshop

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