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OctaGate DNS is an advanced DNS load balancing solution that includes advanced failover and fail-safe features. OctaGate DNS allows you to pool your servers, so you only need to keep one server up and running and the rest of them will be available if your primary server goes down.
OctaGate DNS works by sending DNS query requests to each of the servers in the pool. OctaGate DNS considers the responses from the servers in the pool and makes an intelligent decision about which server to return the response to. You can also force the DNS requests to be returned to one of the servers in the pool. OctaGate DNS keeps track of the load on each server in the pool, and it actively monitors the health of the server to make sure that it is operating properly. If it isn’t, OctaGate DNS automatically elects another server in the pool to take over. The pool can be up to a maximum of 64 servers, and the system can be configured to automatically switch between the servers to increase the pool capacity as needed. OctaGate DNS also provides a failover feature that allows you to manually start a failed server and switch the users to it when the server is fully functional.
OctaGate DNS is built on EnterpriseDB’s Traffic Director technology, which provides robust, enterprise-class features for load balancing, caching and failover, including:
■ High Availability
■ Load Balancing
■ Server Pooling
■ Intuitive GUI
■ (Under development) Auto Failover
OctaGate DNS is a complex DNS load balancing solution. It can be configured to handle multi-homed users or single-homed users. It has a robust way to handle multiple IP addresses and multiple DNS servers, and it has a sophisticated failover and fail-safe mechanism.
OctaGate DNS uses “Active and Passive” queries. An “Active” query is a regular DNS query that is forwarded to all of the servers in the pool. An “Passive” query is a DNS query that is only sent to the server that responded to the last active query. This way, only the responses from the server that was last successfully contacted are returned to the requesting DNS client.
OctaGate DNS can be configured to control the results of DNS queries through a configurable “DNS Policy.” OctaGate DNS features a powerful record policy manager with which to enforce the results of DNS queries on the client side.
OctaGate DNS provides you 384a16bd22

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Use KeyMacro to hotkey all applications that are on your computer to a keystroke. You can configure up to 50 hotkeys with KeyMacro.
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KeyMacro Features:

Add custom keys to be used as applications or folders.
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